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Your employees are one of the very important assets of your business. A Workers Compensation Insurance secures your company and also the employees at your work place. NSTATE AUTO with its team of insurance advisors and their professional approach assists in getting the optimum benefit workers compensation insurance for your business.
Insurance is for the unexpected. An employee feels safe if he/she is safe from the unexpected at work place. We provide with all the support to do so.
WHAT IS Workers Compensation Insurance?
A Good Workers Compensation insurance plan aims at providing wage compensation and medical expenses for any injury at the work place. This actually is a benefit as it shows the concern to them for their well being and in return help in no legal claims.


Any employee who sustains an injury or illness in the business workplace due to its business operations.This insurance is a no-fault insurance, which means that if the accident takes place causing illness or injury during the employment at business premises, coverage will be provided irrespective of the fault criteria.
Any injury or illness obtained deliberately by the employee will not be covered even if its during the employment and the working premises. NSTATE AUTO will help you to understand what exactly can you get with which plan.
Workers Compensation Insurance gives a scope of following benefits.
  • Medical expenses
  • Disability Compensation/benefits
  • Lost wages compensation
  • Rehabilitation costs
In exchange of the workers compensation insurance the employee agrees to no legal claims against the injury/illness damages.
Understand in detail all the benefits and possibility of coverage with NSTATE AUTO.
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