North State Auto Insurance Services SR-22 / DUI

North State Auto Insurance Services provides affordable DUI Auto Insurance. We understand that getting a DUI can be an extremely confusing and frustrating event. However, getting the right help is critical in making this process less expensive and easier to manage. No matter what zip code our customers live in, we have multiple DUI forgiving carriers to insure them. Most insurance carriers view a driver that receives a DUI as a “high-risk” driver. Our counsel helps prevent our customers' existing insurance carriers from taking advantage of what has happened. A driver should not have to pay a large premium to get his or her driver’s license back or maintain an insurance policy. Northstate auto provides options and solutions.

• We insure our DUI customers with a minimum liability policy in conjunction with their current policy. This liability policy is what allows us to file our customer's SR-22. Filing the SR-22 away from the driver's current insurance company will help avoid an immediate cost impact and help prevent the driver from being dropped entirely.

• Timing is everything. Locking our customers into a policy before their APS hearing will protect their Prop 103 good driver’s discount, which saves drivers 20% on average.

• Our DUI program can still be applied after the DMV has chosen to suspend a customer’s license. Unfortunately, the Prop 103 discount would be inapplicable in this case. However, our relationship with A-rated, DUI-forgiving carriers allow us to give great rates to customers with unsatisfactory driving records.

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